Privacyidea/pam_python repo archived?

I noticed the repo GitHub - privacyidea/pam_python: Add two factor authentication to PAM via privacyIDEA has been archived with as reason: While the pam_python library seems to support Python 3 now, it is not included in major distributions anymore..

This is reason is no longer valid as Debian 12 (Bookworm) comes with a python3 version of libpam_python.
I have tested that with the privacyidea/pam_python and did not find any issues so far. It seems to work flawless without any changes to the code.

Besides that there is no issue with privacyides/pam_python, it is my impression that this solution is much easier to setup than the suggested alternative via pam_radius.

Therefore I would welcome a reconsideration on the the ‘archived’ status on this repo.

We do not plan to continue that.

Please take a look at: