Privacyidea-pam package missing in Ubuntu 18.04 repo


I’ve installed privacyIDEA on Ubuntu 18.04 with the following /etc/apt/sources.list
deb bionic main

~# apt-cache search privacyidea
privacyidea - two-factor authentication system e.g. for OTP devices
privacyidea-apache2 - 2FA system. This is a meta package to install privacyidea with apache2
privacyidea-nginx - 2FA system. This is a meta package to install privacyidea with nginx
privacyidea-radius - FreeRADIUS module for privacyIDEA, OTP authentication

I wanted to install privacyidea-pam but was unable to find it in the repo.
I could use the .py File from Github, but having it from the repo would be preferred.

Thank you,

Hi Christoph and welcome to the forum,

we used to have a privacyidea-pam package in the ubuntu ppa for 16.04.
Currently we are gradually adding support for 18.04, so there should be a package available soon.


Hi Christoph,
what do you actually want to achieve?
Unfortunately you provided not much information - so what is it, you want to do?

Honestly, I would recommend either to use the python script from github or to use pam-radius.
pam-radius comes with all distributions and just works as well as the privacyidea-pam module for most scenarios. (Unless you want to distribute ssh keys or really are going down the road to do offline).

Kind regards

Hi Cornelius,

I’ve compiled and successfully tested the privacyidea-pam module.

The use case is a Freeradius server that adds 2FA together with AD.
Is needed to direct the radius server to privacyIDEA?

Thank you,

Hi Christoph,

if you are doing 2FA via the RADIUS protocol (like connecting a VPN or whatever), then there is no need for the privacyidea-pam Modul.
Yes, use the which comes with the privacyidea-radius ubuntu package.
The ubuntu package is available for Ubuntu 18.04.

If by any chance you are at the FrOSCon in August, stop by at our project room on Sunday!


Hi Cornelius,

thanks for your help. I’ve switched to and it works very well either.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to join Froscon this year.

Anyways I really, really like PrivacyIDEA. Nearly every feature I was thinking about, has already been implemented. Keep up the great work!


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