Privacyidea-pam hangs if login is wrong


I am using privacyidea-pam (2.19-1trusty) on a debian jessie.
If I login with the correct auth all works as expected.
If I try to login with a wrong auth, the login hangs on the password and came never back.
I expect that the login says: Login incorrect.
Any Idea what why it hangs?

I debug a little bit and I see that the privacyidea-pam returns 7(pamh.PAM_AUTH_ERR).

the pam.d file says:
account required
session required
auth sufficient /lib/security/ url=https://url debug
auth required

denying login with works.
denying login with /usr/share/doc/libpam-python-doc/examples/
works also.

Hi huckley,

I also use the privacyidea-pam but am not experiencing this. Although my Setup is a little different (2.19 on Ubuntu xenial) but generally i would also have the same effect as you are, i think. Ive tried different scenarios like the following and it seems fine in my case:

  1. Entering wrong password(s) - single/multiple tries.
  2. Entering correct password but wrong OTP - single/multiple tries.
  3. Entering wrong passwords, then cancel it the second try.

Maybe it would be more helpful if you take a look at your ssh-server daemon, logs?

PS. I also have auth sufficient /lib/security/ url=https://url debug