Privacyidea on ubuntu 20


I am trying to install provacyidea 3.8 on ubuntu 20.04 LTS, there is an existing privacyidea 2.x on ubuntu 18 but looking to upgrade the ubuntu, while installing privacyidea 3.8 and updating the connection of existing external database in .cfg.

When logged in to the pidea and joined to ldap, after few minutes the bind connection is getting dropped and getting (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (1054 “Unknown column 'thread_id' in 'fieldlist'”)'). When i switch the connection to the existing pidea it’s working without any issue.

Is the new version has changes and not able to read the existing data which is stored by pidea 2.x?

Welcome to privacyIDEA.
Why do you think version 3.8 would work like several years older 2.x? Are you new in IT?

You are totally ignoring database migration!

Read 2.4. Upgrading — privacyIDEA 3.8 documentation

Also read:

Thank you for your response and suggestion, meant on my post on last line to say that is there database column changes but as per my last line your comment fits and also not looking to upgrade on the existing pidea running, i am trying to install fresh pidea 3.8 on ubuntu 20.04 and point the external database in pi.cfg.

Then i have to do fresh setup for pidea 3.8 as well as external db and perform db migration from older to new? If you could point me to the link or right direction with database which is setup and used externally currently not from the same pidea server.

The database connection is defined in the connect string in the config file pi.cfg.