PrivacyIdea + Kerberos

Hello all,

I haven’t found any decent setup instructions online unfortunately, so I’ll ask here.
Is there an actual step by step guide to connect PrivacyIdea via LDAP with Kerberos?

I can only find documentation for connecting with Python, but nothing for the “normal” repository installation.
(concept: LDAP resolver with Kerberos auth · privacyidea/privacyidea Wiki · GitHub)
Since the connection via NTLM is no longer considered secure, I wanted to switch to Kerberos, but have had no luck with my attempts so far.

Maybe someone here has a simple solution in store :slight_smile:

As additional information:
I installed PrivacyIdea via the repository with the nginx web server. Everything runs on an Ubuntu 22.

None has an idea?
Too bad :frowning:
Do you really still use NTLM?

not really tested it yet.
But can you provide some Logs?

Is krb5 installed on your System?
Firewall Berberos Port 88 open?
Does krb5 work from your System (kinit).

Remember you’ll need a keytab file :smiley:
Just some ideas.