PrivacyIDEA Free version have limits count user?


Tell me please
PrivacyIDEA Free version have limits count user?
I want use PrivacyIDEA with PrivacyIDEAADFS-Providers

Thank you advance

yes, it is 50 users. You can find the demo subscription in the release section of the AD FS Provider on github.


I dont see info about license.
how much is the license for adfs provider?

How install license?

you import the license in the WebUI of privacyIDEA (components → subscriptions).
For a real subscription look here privacyIDEA SSO Plugin (simpleSAMLphp, Keycloak, ADFS, Gluu) - NetKnights - IT-Sicherheit ~ Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung ~ Verschlüsselung

GitHub - privacyidea/adfs-provider: Authentication provider for Microsoft AD FS to use with privacyIDEA. and SSO Plugin = same?
i need ADFS + privacyidea 2FA for OWA.

yes, AD FS is one of our SSO plugins. The conditions are the same for each.

@nilsbehlen When i reach limit? (when tokens for 50 users enrolled or realm have 50 users?)
And where i get error?

privacyIDEA counts the number of all users with at least one active token. No matter in which realm.
The authentication request will contain an error information about the subscription.

You will also see the error in the audit log.

Does it exist a “real free / open source” licence for 2FA Windows Logon. We have tested the demo… but after 30 days the subscription as expired and I can’t be authenticated ?

I understand what you want to ask and what you want to have.

No, there is no free open source Windows login as in free beer. You can not get everything in an easy way without effort and without any money.

You can find the free open source privacyIDEA Credential Provider as in free speech at github. Just as with free speech, it gives you a greater responsibility, a bigger need to think to use your free speech wisely. In total contrast to consuming free beer.

You need to understand how your system works. If you want to manage a 2FA system, no matter which one, you need a basic understanding.
Your post about wrong OTP values is totally at the wrong place. I have the impression you read “wrong OTP value” and jump at it.

Use the means of a system to investigate your problem. Others are not there to ease your life and guess the solution of your problem.
The new version of the credential provider has nothing to do with you getting a wrong OTP value.

Take a look at your audit log. Take a look yourself - do not paste it here!

Take a look at the log file. Do not paste it here!

This triggers me, as I am not especially looking for the free beer (it is clear you have to live as well). But I do want clarity about what to expect from a product, what needs a paid license and what not, with no surprises later on.

Is there an overview of products and modules/plugins and their limitations?
The github repos just seem to mention Affero Public license with no reference to a limited number of user or other limitations. On the website I cannot find a good overview either (or maybe I did not look in the right place).

Thank you for your feedback. Taken into consideration and action:

Thank you!
That is a really helpful and fast response :slight_smile: