privacyIDEA Community booth at FrOSCon Free an Open Source Conference

Hello dear privacyIDEA fellows,

again we are participating in an Open Source event. We will attend FrOSCon on August 25th and 26th with a community booth.

We do this to tell the rest of the world about this great software, to have interesting talks with other nerds who are wondering: what the heck are you doing there - and why this way? This can help to reflect our own actions and decisions.

And of course - we are doing this to have a lot of fun. The Saturday night event at FrOSCon is famous for its barbeque and lots of beer.

If you want to participate in the booth, help telling about privacyIDEA or simply want to join and get into discussion with other privacyIDEA developers, you are welcome to join the privacyIDEA community booth. Just drop us a note, a private message a response or an email!

We are happy having anyone of you aboard. We also have cool privacyIDEA-T-Shirts, stickers and shopping card coins.

Stay safe!

Hi Cornelius,
I’m planning to attend this year’s FrosCon. See you there!

Hello Jochen,
that is great. I am looking forward. By the way: The T-Shirts have a new design! :wink:

Kind regards