Privacyidea command in 3.0?

In our documentation about yubico tokens ( we talk about “privacyidea … yubikey_mass_enroll”.

In my current 3.0.1 installation I can’t find that command. My current guess is that it was includes in the privacyideaadm package. I’m using the Ubuntu packages from lancelot.

Do we miss the package/command, or do we need to update our documentation? Has the enrollment changed?


The privacyidea command line tool is the admin client, that is usually not installed on the privacyIDEA server. Because of this it was never contained in the privacyidea server packages., but - you are right - in the privacyideaadm package. This comman line tool has not changes at all, so we did not build it anew.
Unfortunately the downside is, that there is currently no privacyideaadm package on the lancelot repository. :-/
But you can still install the command line client from the launchpad repo in version 2.x. It will just work fine, since it uses the API, which has not changed.

No, the enrollment has not changed.

The ubuntu docuementation is not very clear about it ( whil it does not contain statement. :wink: In 3.0 privacyideaadm is not menioned - we should do this, that the command line tool can be installed on another machine from the lauchpad repo.

Thanks for pointing this out,