privacyIDEA Authenticator App Version 3 realeasedate

when will Version 3 of the Authenticator App be released? I have a PoC running and this information would be very useful!


The beta is available in the google play store. It would be great, if you take a look at intensively and give feedback. This can help to make things quicker (or at least more stable)

Anyway, why would you rely on an unofficial date given by a community project? :wink:
(Sorry - could not resist)

Hi Cornelius!

The beta works good. The push-OTP is in 3.x better than in 2.x, but: if the app is open and the polling is not activated, no push is arriving. Shutting it down and firing a push -> 1-2 seconds the push arrives. On android.
On iOS I never got a notification on my phone. Token-rollout works but no push arrives and no error in the logs. I need a working Push to iOS…

It’s much better to rely on an unofficial date from a good community project than hope a commercial update arrives as promised…

btw: I like your humor…

the ios beta version is currently in the review phase of the app store and should be available soon. Did you add the APNS key to firebase?
For android: Did you roll out the token and then tried to trigger it, without restarting the app after rollout? It seems the app has to be restarted once after the rollout of the first push token because of the way we use firebase.

Hi nils,
I did it exactly as in
The APNs Auth Key is show in the firebase-iOS App Config.
I restarted the iPhone and now it works…

For Android: no I didn’t restarted the app after the rollout. If I do it, it works!!


are there any news concerning the release of V3?