PrivacyIdea Android App does not work with "Xiaomi Mi Note 10"


a user was unable to use the PrivacyIdea App in Android with a “Xiaomi Mi Note 10” device.

The app reports, that this device is not supported since a securte storage of tokens is not possible.
A German screenshot is attached.


This is a good thing!

Take a look here:

Sorry, you probably want to use a smartphone. So I forgot this link:

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Your post contained no question - just a true statement. So what should we do about this. If the device does not support storing token information, it will not work. The user can get another smartphone or a hardware token. Besides I do not see the problem?

Well, I see a problem. The app does not work on a Google Pixel 3a either (same reason). Maybe the app’s got a problem with Android 10 or of some other sort.

Okay, after some further tests it seems, that the Authenticator only fails on my Pixel 3a.

It works on another Pixel 3a (Android 10) and on a Pixel 2 XL (Android 10). So, Android 10 is definitely not the culprit.

The question is: What keeps the App from working on my Pixel 3a?

A few more hints: I had the app installed and it worked. I tested it with some TOTP-Tokens and since I did not see any advantage over other authenticators I uninstalled it. Then, after starting to test PUSH-Tokens I reinstalled it because these won’t work with other apps. So only the ‘second instance’ does not work.

Fixed it. Deleting cache and app data did the trick.

That’s fine, but it definitely leaves some work to do for the developers because the error message was as wrong as wrong can be.