PrivacyIDEA and remote sites

I was wondering if PrivacyIDEA can handle remote sites and remote site disconnection. Ex. If there was a centralized DB and one PrivacyIDEA instance could not reach that for hours would the system just stop working at that remote site? Or is it suggested to have the DB replicated to all site?

Also in the above example could offline tokens still be used if the DB connection is no longer present?

Any documentation on the various types of setups that are supported?

Usually you replicate via the database. If your database can handle a disconnect for several hours, you are fine.

Your setup very much depends on your scenario and the character of your “sites”. You maybe even would not want to replicate but somehow concatenate privacyidea systems. No there is no documentation about setup types that are supported, since there is no distinct, finite list.

Offline tokens always work without the privacyIDEA backend.