Privacyidea and o365

Im abit confused on this topic - we are looking at implementing PI to use with o365 MFA - one of the issues we have is the lack of documentation - i have only managed to locate documentation for ADFS …

Maybe im tired and i have missed it - can anybody point me in the right direction please - as my Google Fu seems to have gone west.

Many thanks

There is no official documentation.
Take a look here:

Sry. I obviously mixed up owa with o365.
Fck Microsoft.
Maybe you can get some support from them, if they would not try to avoid integrating with 3rd party products :wink:

But why should some community solve issues that we would never have without some messed up software from redmond.
(Which is totally my personal, unprofessional, leisure time opinion)

What you would normally do: check the o365 documentation, which standard auth protocols they support to do 3rd party authentication. If you found you can return an tell then things will be more clear.

cheers mate will check this out - it is a bugger why they make it so hard - think it boils down to Money and them wanting you to use what they offer.

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