privacyIDEA-ADFSConnector. ~~Not work =( (TOTP)~~ How to configure

Hi all!

I have installed:

Configure ADFS,privacyIDEA by Setup a Free 2FA Solution on OWA - Quickbreach Blog
Configure privacyIDEA-ADFS connector (Url, realm).
Enable MFA for privacyIDEA-ADFS connector in ADFS.

Not working =(

I go to https:///adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon
I try to log in and immediately log in, without the OTP request.
In logs - nothing =\

Please help me to solve the problem
Thank you advanced


Run the MSI and configure 2FA in ADFS.
There is no xml-config anymore.

Hi @cornelinux

Yes.i know. I use MSI.
During the installation process, I specified URL(https://) and Realm.
Then in AFDS I selected the installed connector as MFA. Reboot ADFS.

Try login > MFA input does not appear. Successful login immediately

You have not correctly activated the privacyIDEA ADFS Plugin.
Check your Microsoft ADFS Log file! Or Event log. We all can only guess, what you have configured wrong.

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  1. I just installed MSI. Successfull install
  2. Checkbox in MFA settings ADFS for privacyIDEAconnector
  3. try login > success login (without request MFA TOTP)

In event log - empty

I dont know how this will be debug. In debug log nothing info,just info about settings.

You have an error between step 1 and 3.

I am really not a Windows fan boy. But actually you are really unspecifc about your step two.

You need to configure privacyIDEA in the correct Access Control Policy and then bind this policy on your Claims Provider Trust.

And you most probably have not done this.