privacyIDEA 2.4 for hosted environments


I think I missed to tell that privacyIDEA 2.4 was released today.

privacyIDEA now is able to manage users.
The concept always was - you already have a user store. Be it LDAP,
Active Directory, the SQL of your Web application or your
local /etc/passwd.

Yes, you have. But I must admit, there are scenarios, where it is easier
to handle tokens and users.
So now, privacyIDEA is capable of creating users, modifying and deleting
them - if the resolver supports this. And the SQL resolver does.

Also you can now protect /validate/check with an API key.
This improves privacyidea to be used in a hosted environment.

  1. A token admin/customer can create users
  2. The validate-API of the customer can be protected with an API key.

You can read my blog post here:

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