privacyIDEA 2.19 dev2

Hi there,

we are working on privacyIDEA version 2.19 at it will come with some
cool stuff.

This is a list of issues on github we closed so far:

We have an interesting user cache, which can cache the user information
in the local SQL database and thus avoid request to e.g. the LDAP

U2F devices can be enrolled based on details in the attestation

We added a token-janitor script, which will enable you to disable,
unassign or delete orphaned tokens.

We improve the tokenhandler, the auditlog and speed up ldap requests.

A user may have more than one challenge response token with the same
token pin…

The development version 2.19dev2 can be installed from the Ubuntu ppa-
dev repository or from pypi.

You are welcome to take a look at it, test it, beat it.

Thanks a lot for using privacyIDEA!

Kind regards
Cornelius Kölbel
+49 151 2960 1417

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