privacyIDEA 1.3.2 like an appliance?


I just uploaded privacyIDEA 1.3.2 to gitgub, pypi and to the launchpad repo.

Checkout for the

The Ubuntu packages, which are available via
are available like this:

privacyidea - core package
privacyidea-nginx - will install privacyidea in conjunction with nginx
and mysql
privacyidea-appliance - just like above but will add a tool
privacyidea-setup-tui to easily manage OTP administrators, RADIUS
clients and the privacyidea base settings.

privacyidea-radius - install the RADIUS module with freeradius
privacyidea-otrs - install the OTRS authentication module

So getting your system up and running is even easier, now.

Kind regards