Printing Tan List

Hello everyone,

I recently set up a PrivacyIdea Server and am in configuration phase right now.

I am testing all the TokenTypes and creating Policies to ensure a safe environment.
I have 2 issues at the moment,

first a short question; after I enrolled a token and got the QR Code or the OTP Value List and I confirm is there a way to show me the QR Code again if I want to register it on a new Phone for example or if I want to print the Tan List again. I am sure its designed to not be possible, but I just wanted to confirm this.

Secondly; I can’t print the Paper tan or OTP Tan List tokens. When I press the “Print the OTP list” button, a PopUp Window opens and instantly closes again. Nothing gets printed. Did I miss a Configuration somewhere?

I allowed PopUps in my Browser, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I appreciate the help



This is not possible for security reasons. New phone - new secret key (QR Code)!

The printing dialog of your browser should open.


The printing dialog opens on firefox and edge after testing, but still doesnt work on chrome, even with all PopUp blockers and security settings disabled

It opens on Chrome on Linux.
Alternatively you need to print in a different way or somehow fix your chrome issue.