PostgreSQL informs about high rollback count and low commit ratio


we noticed that the PrivacyIDEA database on our PostgreSQL server has an unusual high rollback count, compared to the committed transactions.

Furthermore, the commit ratio is around 68 where it should be higher that 90. Every other application running on this server has 99 or higher.

SQL query for commit ration:
  datname, 100 * xact_commit / (xact_commit + xact_rollback) as commit_ratio,
FROM pg_stat_database WHERE (xact_commit + xact_rollback) > 0;
commit_ratio: 68
xact_commit: 8682393
xact_rollback: 3933269

Is this a general problem or by design? Does this affect the data integrity over the long term?

I can’t find anything about this in the privacyidea.log-file…

Kind regards