Paper token number

We’re looking into paper tokens as backup for when OTP apps / phones fail or yubikeys are lost.
Is there a way to limit the amount of tokens on the list of the paper token?
99 seems like an unnecessarily large number.
Gitlab gives a list of 10 2fa backup codes for example…

The paper token is not designed as backup codes.
It is designed as a TAN list. This is why it defaults to 100!

Do never ever compare privacyIDEA to gitlab!

Of course you can use a policy to change this number.

Maybe there is a better option to serve as “backup codes”?
And yes, I know having two factor in the same doesn’t make sense etc pp. But idea of a small number of otps is not wrong?
Anyway, which policy decides how many OTPs are generated? Any hints?^^

I do not know. I would also have to check the manual.
I think it is an enrollment policy.

Ah yes, it is an enrollment policy. Thanks.

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