OTPauth on Android


We have tested the User Notification Handler Module “Sendmail” when useing the example from 8.6.1. User Notification Handler Module — privacyIDEA 3.6.2 documentation

The link functionality is not as expected on Android , the Outlook app does not reconize it as a link and the gmail app converts it to a moble webmail link with an error

Its properly not a PrivcyIdea bug , do you know of a way to circumvent this

Testphones Android 10 & 11

Do you or somebody else know a solution for this

which link?

Can you please provide some more input?

Hi Cornelius

We use the Google URL template for the OTPauth

When we create a new token, in the email the user gets, there is a link with the Name “Token” the path is similar to this “otpauth://totp/“TOTP ID”?secret=“TOTP Secret”&period=“period”&digit6&issuer=privacyIDEA”

In the User Notification Handler Module “Sendmail” the body part of the email contains this

“If you open this email on your smartphone, then just click this link: Token link

I hope this can shead a little light on our issue

Thanks in advance

On the mobile phone one or more apps (2FA apps) have to register for the intent otpauth://.

You can check this by sending such a link from any other email client to your smartphone. I would never trust outlook with emails to work as expected. In my opinion outlook is no working email client.
(If you give me the chance, to rant about outlook, I will do so! :wink:

As you expected I also assume that your smartphone is not set up correctly.
Check, that you have a 2FA App installed like the privacyIDEA Authenticator.