Move from U2F to WebAuthn

At the moment we are using PI in conjunction with SimpleSAMLphp to enforce 2-factor with Yubikeys for certain web applications. The Yubikeys are enrolled as U2F tokens and this works very well, but with Chrome 96 Google announces that U2F support will end in February 2022 in Chrome. We have 100 + Yubikeys in use this way and plan to increase that number substantially soon.
My question is whether the enrolled U2F Yubikeys can be made to continue to work without re-enrolling them. And also, if someone could point me in a direction on how to accomplish this migration I would be most grateful. I understand that the latest plugin for SSP supports WebAuthn, unfortunately I haven’t had time to try it out yet.
Kind regards

You need to reenroll webauthn tokens.

But since the user have a u2f token, you can do 2Fa also for enrollment.
And: You can use the very same Yubikey for enrollment. I.e. enroll the same hardware as a webauthn token in privacyIDEA.