Migrating privacyIDEA installation from single MariaDB to Galera Cluster

Hi all,
for availability reasons we’re trying to move our database from a single MariaDB instance to a MariaDB cluster build with Galera (3 nodes, active-active). As stated in GitHub issue #3863 there have been some issues with Galera Cluster installations in the past regarding the use of ‘CACHE without INCREMENT BY 0 in Galera Cluster’. For new installations that has been fixed in release v3.9.3.

In our scenario when trying to import a DB dump from our old (single MariaDB) database into the new (Galera Cluster) database, we’re getting exactly the same error.

Would it be sufficient to adjust the dump accordingly (just replace ‘increment by 1’ with ‘increment by 0’ in the creation of the sequence ‘CREATE SEQUENCE serviceid_seq start with 1 minvalue 1 maxvalue 9223372036854775806 increment by 1 cache 1000 nocycle ENGINE=InnoDB;’) or are there other things that need to be taken into account here?

With kind regards

You need the “increment by 0” to allow the Galera-Cluster to manage the increment on each node. Rewriting the “CREATE SEQUENCE” construct to use “increment by 0” with an underlying MariaDB should not be a problem.

You have to Update the sequence to ‘increment by 0’ should resolve the issue in your Galera Cluster setup