MFA Implementation - Global Provider ID

Hi all,

i am trying to use privacyIDEA as the RADIUS provider for MFA for our software.
The software generally supports MFA RADIUS based providers. The documentation of the software says, i need this parameter:
cas.authn.mfa.globalProviderId = …
Unfortunately there is no example with privacyIDEA

I tried to find something about privacyIDEA and this globalProviderID, but did not find anything.

Could you give me any advice?

Thank you!

Maybe you should ask at your CAS software!

This does not sound llike a privacyIDEA question and not like a RADIUS question.

To integrate privacyIDEA as the RADIUS provider for MFA in your software, set cas.authn.mfa.globalProviderId to a unique identifier within your configuration. Test the integration thoroughly to ensure compatibility and functionality.

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