Lowercase username


We use ldapresolver type for get users. Users has mixcase samaccountname. How to convert all username values to lowercase in Users tab PI?


This is not possible.

I solved my problem, edited this files, add .toLowerCase() to user.username and token.username


    <tr ng-repeat="user in userlist">
        <td><a ui-sref="user.details({username:user.username.toLowerCase(),
            {{ user.username.toLowerCase() }}</a></td>

It would be great to have “lowercase” or “uppercase” checkboxes on the page for creating or editing any “Resolver” so that such changes would be applied on WEBUI PI pages with username values


Why do you want to display the real data as lowercase?
This does not actually change anything.

Pro tip: Use template customization:

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Usernames in lowercase only make it easier to find events in Audit. For example, when you click the “View user in Audit log” button on the “Details for user…” page

Thanks for the link
but a checkbox with “lowercase” in the “System Config” or a section in the policies would be better :slight_smile:


It would be better to have a decorator for user names to modify them in an arbitrary way. Not only for viewing. This only makes sense for you.

Others might want to:

  • have usernames uppercase
  • have usernames in CamelCase
  • have usernames replacing umlauts with oe or ae.

So there are millions of needs. And yours is only one :wink:

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