LDAP and OTP issue

I´m trying to test the 2FA with LDAP, however, when Privacy looks for the token assigned to the user, It tries to compare with the id and not with the username


Hello @alxmijares
welcome to privacyIDEA and this forum, which is supposed to be a place where privacyIDEA users can help each other based on their experience.
Unfortunately you provide nearly no information!

Sometimes if you describe your problem, what you are doing and what you want to achieve, you might get the right idea yourself!
Thanks for being more specific!

How did you link PI with LDAP? This worked for me yesterday…

Internal AD star.local, users only from research group.
Drop ou=research if you want all users…


Hi @cornelinux,
I want to add privacyIDEA with Owncloud.
Owncloud has to authenticate the users from LDAP and I used ldap resolver to get the users from the AD.
I assigned a token (OTP) to one user, and when I try to verife the token with the user, I get the error in the attached image

I do not understand why privacyIDEA try to do the match between the token with the id user and not with the username

Thanks in advance

Try to use uid in the Internal Username Attribute field (Expert tab)

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In addition you can configure the LDAP resolver in privacyIDEA to use a list of login attributes.
You could use sAMAccountName, objectGUID.