Keycloak QR code form for push

How to get a form QR code in keyloak for a mobile app ().
On the side of the keyloak-provider included trigger challenge on
On the side of the PI server:
1.Has been configured event handler

  • Event: validate_triggerchallenge
  • Handlermodule: Token
  • Position: pre


  • user_token_number: (0)

Action Enroll

  • tokentype: push
  • user: Assign token to user in request or to tokenowner.

Ex. for OTP QR code Screenshot from 2020-12-06 13-39-56

What do you want to do?

What QR code should this be?
Do you want to enroll a token during login? I would never ever recommend this.

Or does the QR code contain a challenge like the TiQR token?

What do you want to do?
– I want to see the form for scanning the QR code after entering the login and password in the keycloak (Push: Send a push notification to a smartphone)
What QR code should this be?
– QR code with the privacyIDEA Authenticator App

I don’t understand this.
What do you want to do from a top level perspective?

I have setup privacyidea with keycloak
Everything works quite well
I understand the question as follows:
“How does keycloak present the qr challenge code during TIQR authentication.?”

I do have TIQR token enrolled in PI. During keycloak authentication I enter the pincode and then the QR code should be presented (it does not)

Hi an welcome to privacyIDEA.

I am not sure, if TiQR is supported in the privacyIDEA keycloak pluign at all.

Hi Cornelius

I am quite sure it does not (at the moment)
I will take a look if i can adjust the keycloak plugin (and login template tfl)

Kind regards

Hi, tiqr is currently not supported by the keycloak plugin.
I think OP wants to enroll a push token via the keycloak plugin if the user does not have one?