Is there a method to alter the SMS message body depending on the requesting IP (VPN device)

Currently, I am using the ScriptSMSProvider module to trigger OTP. I have integrated 2 different VPN boxes with PrivacyIDEA.
While sending OTP via SMS, a common message is being appended to both devices’ requests(ex : your one time OTP is : 123456).
Is there any way to change the content of the SMS based on the VPN Device IP?" if my VPN IP is then is should send message like “your openVPN one time OTP is : 123457”. if my VPN request IP is then is should send message like your "Sonicwall one time OTP is : 123457.

Each policy can be client IP dependent:

However, since for the privacyIDEA Server the client IP is the RADIUS server, since it issues the requests to privacyIDEA, you need to allow to override the client IP. This way the IP of the RADIUS client will be sent to privacyIDEA: