Is Privacyidea Enterprise must for windows credential provider


I’m testing Privacyidea Credential Provider but no luck. Tried different auth policy.
But always found error POST /validate/check SubscriptionError('No subscription for your client in server side
Is only Privacyidea Enterprise can work with credential provider?


Hi John,

you need to contact NetKnights to get a subscription for the credential provider.
If you want to run the Credential Provider productively, the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition is a must - yes.

Kind regards

Disclaimer: Of course this is all open source and you could do it your own way…


Hi CorneLinux,

I am evaluating privacyidea in our environment. I already build the credential provider with VS2017. Just found that it show “SubscriptionError('No subscription for your client in server side” in my privacyidea server while RDP. No matter what auth policy i tried. I see the credential provider is triiger POST /validate/check to server. Don’t know it’s my config issues or this provider Must need to work with Enterprise edition. (I’m testing this server, don’t want to use enterprise version now)

Thanks for your information.


You need a subscription file for the credential provider.
You could install this subscription file to your current privacyIDEA server. Simple as that :wink:


Thanks Corenlinux
Your safe my time.