Is it planned to have a penetration test for the current version of PrivacyIdea? Has there ever been one in the past? Can you share it?

Would be great to get an official statement on that topic for our management.

Thanks, kind regards,

Hello @KarinH, welcome to the privacyIDEA community.

This is a community forum. I.e. you could get answers from the whole community. I assume you want to know, if anyone who uses privacyIDEA has ever perfomed a pen test on his installation?
I am confused by your desire to get an “official statement”, since this is not supposed to be an official channel for news or statements but as mentioned a community forum.
So you need to be more clear, what is it what you want to know from whom.

Note about pen tests. In my understanding they are performed on a dedicated, installed system. You can not pen test privacyIDEA in itself just like you can not pen test e.g. Apache web server as a software.