iOS Google Authenticator Invalid Key

Hi all, I am using the privacy idea server for MFA on VPNs. I’ve successfully tested it with LDAP and the Cisco ASA firewall with no problems. Product works great!

I’m using TOTP tokens and generating the QR code to scan with google authenticator. This setup works really well and allows me scan using the authenticator on an Android device. I’m having problems when using iOS (most of our end users have iPhones) where the QR code just reports back invalid bar code. I’ve tried with multiple phones and even different authenticator apps just to be sure.

I’m using sha-256 as the default hash if that makes a difference. Has anyone else come across this problem.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hello Calum,

welcome to privacyIDEA! Thanks a lot for the positive feedback.

The Google Authenticator was known for a long to to not support other hashes than SHA1.
I am surprised, that the Android App does!
So the iOS App might simply be bit older. Downgrade to SHA1, or use the privacyIDEA Authenticator app, which even supports SHA512! :wink: