Installation on Debian 11

Hey there!

I’m trying to set up a PI instance on Debian 11 for evaluation purposes. In case you wonder: Our corp. policy suggests using Debian.

Firstly I tried by bluntly adding the ubuntu repository’s to the apt’s sources. Nothing wrong with that, I thought. Debian == Ubuntu, but less current :D. But dpkg doesn’t liked that. The post installation script threw back me an unspecific error:

Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

So after returniung to base snapshot, i went with the manual pip installation from the Documentation

Basically I’m stuck now at setting up the nginx web server, because there is no real guidance for this in the documentation. My Linux skills are mediocre at best, I’ve never set up nginx/wsgi stuff which actually renders the “look at NetKnights GitHub repo” hint as not really helpful for my case. Boss also said to not burn too many hours on this project.

All i need is a tutorial on how to set up the nginx for PI; Basic installation on the same localhost.

Can someone support me with this?

Coporage Policy requires Debian 11, but Linux skills are mediocre?
This does not compute! :thinking:

Got with Apache then, I think it might be better documented.

Thanks for Reply,

I’m more familiar with Microsoft.Just building up Linux knowledge as a sideproduct. Policy says, when forced to use Linux, then use Debian. Not my decision :smile:

Is there a tutorial available for setting up PI with apache?

Tell your manager, he has to invest in

Either he has to invest in your time, that you need more time to fullfill the task.
Or he needs to invest into training of yours.
Or he has to invest into 3rd party services.

This manager of yours sounds rather out of touch with reality to me.

The github repository contains example files for deployment.
Since there are unlimited ways to do so there is no mimimi-i-do-not-understand-what-I-am-doing step by step guide to do so.
This is a complex software for a complex enterprise scenario. Do not expect it to be able to run it without reading tons of pages and diving into it!

You might consider using any mfa cloud service. Might suite better.
Regards to your manager!

A final word about your a**** manager.

You should not use too much time to get things done? Rather use the time of some unknown holy glory community.
I do not get it, what is wrong with this world!

Well I’m no ostrich, so I ended up using my private time. Because it deeply bugged me on a personal level, not getting things running. Done this for me, not my boss.

I ended up getting it running somehow, because PI is no rocket science. But I will definitely struggle to reproduce. Dissecting the postinst deb script was kind of helpful. Unlike your last comments.

Thanks so far.

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I can understand that this was bugging you. And I totally can understand that IT guys are interested in IT.
But this is also the problem with IT:
Think about it, the result for your boss is, that IT will always work out with mimimum budget, because there are overly dedicated employees, who will solve the company’s problem in their spare time.

The result is, that the higher manament will also see, that the IT manager/boss gets things done at a minimum budget. So the IT department will get a minimum budget in the future.
I would recommend at least telling the manager, what time it actually took to do this task - so that he can sell it to his management in the future, that IT needs a certain higher budget - be it for employee time and vages, training or whatever…