Install push on iOS

Hello, I trying to install push on iphones with this solution, because I get an error with secret on this phones while try to read qr codes
Setup secure authentication with iOS privacyIDEA Push Token – privacyID3A

I have problem with it, because my view is different. I don’t have any fields like “apikeyios” etc

What should I do ?

edit > I still don’t know where can I get the json file.

The Authenticator App has been changed this way that the Firebase project is hard compiled in for stability reason in version 4. pi-authenticator/ at master · privacyidea/pi-authenticator · GitHub

I.e. you can not use your own firebase project anymore.
If you want to use your own firebase project, you need to fork and recompile the app.

If you want to use the compiled in firebase project, you need to get your system unter subscription.

If you want to go the community way without rebuilding the authenticator app, you have to use push-poll (policy “poll only”).

Thanks for your reply. It’s working very well.
Another question, I’m not good in webservers, but I have to publish this link
https://myprivacyideaserver/ttype/push to roll tokens by peoples.
Is that correct ?
What should I do if I don’t wannt to publish login panel to everyone.
Maybe I do something wrong. Please explain me

you can use a WAF (=WebApplicationFirewall) or a reverse-proxy (nginx, apache) to filter the requests