Install PrivacyIDEA in a sub location aka reverse proxy

I would like to use PrivacyIDEA on a domain that I already use, but has nginx installed.

Aka instead of installing PI in

I would like to have it in:

Unfortunately the PI UI parts all point to / so just reverse proxying it, does not work.

How can I set the privacyIdea site url in the configuration so I can reverse proxy

This should not be correct. The UI recognizes if it is called from a subpath - At least with Apache2 and mod_wsgi:

I am not sure if it will work the same with NginX and uwsgi. I am afraid, that uwsgi does not recognize which subpath in NginX was called. So if this is true, it would indeed not work with NGinX.

Okay, I was using an nginx http proxy. I will move it over to apache and wsgi then.

Thanks for pointing out the correct docs.