Importing tokens from PSKC returns Uploaded Tokens: 0

I’m trying to test some tokens that I ordered from feitian that are said to be supported, however they don’t seem to be importing.
Progress: 100%
Uploaded File: XXXXX.xml
Uploaded Tokens: 0

Any thoughts on this, or where can I look to further trouble shoot the issue?

nevermind. looks like the xml file that feitian sent wasn’t formatted correctly. after looking at and I was able to manually edit the xml and import it. hope this was a one-off with feitian, as I would hate to do this with anything more than a few tokens!!

In former years feitian provided a non-valid XML file.
Basically because they did mess up with serial numbers - as far as I remember.
So I guess you will have the problem again.

If you could elaborate more on this, this would be great.

I tried to copy an example of the xml, but discourse was giving me a headache with the formatting!
anyway, they had some tags that didn’t match the standard, and there was some missing information as well.

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