I can't find russian language

Hello all!
I installed privacyidea via pip.
My next task is to add russian language, but I can’t do it, because I can’t find this function if (( [“de”].indexOf(nlang) === -1 ) && ( [“es”].indexOf(nlang) === -1 ) ) {
// if language is not contained in translations,
// we use default to “en”
nlang = “en”;
In which can I find it? sorry for my english.

Please note, that you need to translate to russian.
https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/privacyidea/ (server and UI)

The location you mentioned, is the right place to adapt the language for the UI part.

| need to translate user interface 2

I think changing the code is not necessary anymore.
You simply need to translate at weblate. Then it will be merged into upstream and will be available with the next release.
Of course your browser must be set to require/accept ru language and then the UI will be in Russian.


“You simply need to translate at weblate” How can I do it?

Tell me please, when will be next release?

You need to login to weblate.org.
(See Translating privacyIDEA at weblate.org)
There you can find the privacyIDEA project:

The next release 3.7 will take some time. Probably Q1/2021

Kind regards