How to show only error logs in privacyidea.log?

Is there any way to show only error logs in “privacyidea.log” rather than showing all log level information.
Because when I set the PI_LOGLEVEL = 40 (error) in “pi.cfg” so it shows both Info & as well as Error logs (if any error occurs) in “privacyidea.log”.
I just want show only Error logs in “privacyidea.log” so how it can be done ?

privacyidea logs

Change the correct file and restart your service.

This is the “pi.cfg” file which I configured with absolute path which I set this value PI_LOGLEVEL = 40 and still I’m able to see other logs i.e Info level logs.
How to show only error logs so for that what I need to do ?

This is the way to do it - the way you claim to have done it.

You probably have some pebkac problem.
So you need to check for any misconfiguration, double config. logging.yaml, or maybe even double entries of PI_LOGLEVEL in your pi.cfg.

We can not know. You have to check it yourself!