How to run the Radius Plugin

Hi there

Who can give me an Tutorial how I have to install the radius plugin to the privacyIDEA.
Currently I have an running Realm connected to a ActiveDirectory. I‘m able to publish an Test OneTime Token.

The next thing is, to authenticate via an radius server.
I only found an Tutorial to install the plugin for freeRadius with
apt-get install privacyidea-radius
Do I have to install an Radius Server at first? Or is it possible to authenticate with radius Client direct to the Server without a separate radius server?


The command you posted does install the freeRADIUS server on the PI server. Nothing else is needed to be installed…
The freeRADIUS server needs to be configured, e.g. whitelist IPs allowed to query PI for authentication…

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Hi Henry

Thx for feedback! I Installation the apt Package, is all! Perfect!
The Config of the freeRadius? I‘m looking for secret etc…
sorry I‘m realy new in freeRadius.

If you are new to RADIUS and FreeRADIUS you should consider this book:

Although it is written for FreeRADIUS v2, it is still a good read!

Good Info! Thank you! I‘ll read this!

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perfect! Done!!!
Now it works!

Thank you!

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