How to integrate privacyidea with existing freeradius server

How i can integrate my freeradius server with privacyidea?
my freeradius i manage using web daloradius. I can integrate user in freeradius to privacyidea.
my privacyidea is separate from freeradius server.

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for privacyIDEA, it does not matter where the freeradius is located. privacyIDEA is integrated via a perl plugin, which basically translates between RADIUS and privacyIDEA API. You find the plugin at GitHub - privacyidea/FreeRADIUS: Add two factor authentication to FreeRADIUS via privacyIDEA.

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As @laclaro pointed out, you need to add the perl module to the FreeRADIUS authenticate section.
Well, you could have the problem, that this might be not possible with daloradius, if daloradius does not allow you to modify the FreeRADIUS configuration files according to these requirements.

where i need to add perl module? in privacyidea server or my freeradius server?

so i need to install freeradius plugin on privacyidea server or freeradius server?