How to export list enrollment token?

Can we export enrollment token list to csv or …?

You can use the token-janitor like this:

privacyidea-token-janitor find --csv

Can you explain more , how does i do it ?

Please read the docs

and then read the help message:

privacyidea-token-janitor --help

and then ask a specific question! We take a lot of time not only into developing this software but also in writing documentation (even if it is not perfect) - but you should also honour our work and the documentation by reading it.
Thanks a lot!

Yes I have read the docs, i can use “privacyidea-token-janitor find --csv” command but in the first time i want to export list enrollment tokent like this

But with that above command even when i query in mysql only show like below


Can not find ‘Usename’. I know PrivacyIDEA syncs users directly from LDAP Server, not archives, but I need structure or mapping to be able to display the user.

Thanks !

You need to understand the concept of privacyIDEA.
There are no usernames stored in the privacyIDEA database!

privacyidea only stores a user uid.
Check out the parameter --action listuser.

Ok, Thank you very much