How to add 11 charachter hash key in OTP sms

Hi everyone, first I want to say thanks to privacy-idea team for great work.
I am developing android application and i need to put 11 character unique hash-key of each application in OTP sms dynamically, i mean when android app (user) try to authenticate, should be able to send its own hash-key to privacy-idea server with an API and in the following, server put the same hash-key in OTP sms.
So when Android OS received the OTP sms can find out the owner of the otp from that hash key .(similar Google SMS Retriever)
Thank you in advance.

Thank you for appreciating privacyIDEA.

However, I do not understand what you want to do and what you try to achive.

You are developing your own smartphone app. What is it supposed to do?
I think this app is not and authenticator app?
Do you want to use privacyIDEA for some kind of licensing or tracking of each installed app?

Hi Cornelius, thanks for your reply.

My target is Perform Google SMS Verification on privacyIDEA server.

Valid verification message should look like the following:

Your ExampleApp code is: 123ABC78


Each sms should include an 11-character hash string (like above :“FA+9qCX9VSu” ) that identifies android apps.

Scenario is user login into android app and after success attempt, server send otp sms to user phone for verification including 11-character hash which has provided from android app.
So when OTP SMS received by the user phone, Google SMS Retriever will find the owner of the OTP sms by that hash string and will pass the OTP code to the related android app directly with no user interaction.
I have seen {challenge} option but not sure if i can use it for my purpose.
Can you please tell me is there possibility to add hash string to sms body dynamically with privacyIDEA server?