Hide error message from end user


I would like to know if there is a way to prevent (verbose) error messages from being displayed to the end user while still being logged in the log file.

Thanks in advance.

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Paul Hasenohr

Hi Paul,
I do not understand your question.

Which kind of error messages at which place are you referring to?

In the log file?
The end user can not see the log file!?

Kind regards

Hello Cornelius,

Once the user is logged in through the web UI, he might see some error messages displayed in a red box popping up in the top right corner of the screen like the one displayed here.
Is it possible to have this error message saved in the log file on the server but something less verbose displayed to the user (e.g. without the location of the config file)?

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Usually I am not a friend of “ask your administrator” error messages.
In the above mentioned case, this is due to a misconfigured ca connector. So you should fix this.

In all other case the error messages make absolute sense. These are errors returned in the API to the user. So for me this looks perfectly good.

Thanks a lot