Google Authenticator doesn't reveal OTP code

Hi, I have an issue with the new version of Google Authenticator. Now I have to press to reveal the OTP the PrivacyIDEA tokens don’t reveal. No issues with all of my other tokens and if I long finger press I can copy and paste the token but I cannot reveal the token on screen :frowning: Please help. Thanks, Kev.


This seems to be an issue of the crappy google authenticator.
You need to ask there. Maybe you have parameters in your token from privacyIDEA; that the google authenticator does not like.

Look at your token parameters you enrollend and ask the great google authenticator community.

My wild guess: Your token from privacyIDEA is an HOTP token. All the other tokens look like TOTP tokens. All other apps out there are crap and do not support all parameters and all token types.

Cool, makes sense. Thank-you for your quick reply.