Getting Error on Global Protect

Hı, All…

Before I started about 2ndfactor, I decided to use privacyidea but I’m newbie on privacyidea and 2ndfactor authentication, I almost try 3 days to solve and to have 2factor authentication,

My scenario is about Global Protect vpn connection. I set it up on Ubuntu 16.0.4. and google authenticator for hotp or tot, that’s all and everyhing looks like fine…

I have NPS proxy server on Microsoft side and forward to Privacyidea server. I didnt solve my problem, and didnt understand What is wrong ?

so I get many error, this one is from privacyideaserver


I also get error event 13 and event 36 from NPS, but When I checked, There is any problem.

So , I need your help, thanks for everything…

  1. NPS is not a proxy server.
    For your purpose it is a RADIUS server. Why do you need it?
  2. GlobalProtect is a PaloAlto VPN product.
    How do you use it now? Who are the clients? How do they login?
  3. Who provides your user directory?

I believe you should install PrivacyIDEA + freeRADIUS and let GlobalProtect query it directly.
If users are in Active Directory (LDAP) - import them into PrivacyIDEA…

Hı Henry,

I just follow this link only from here

isnt it right way with otp auth ?

That was written some 4 years ago and will work even today… But why would you use it?
It was more proof that PrivacyIDEA can be “plugged in” to an existing VPN/firewall configuration…

Today you don’t really need it. Drop the NPS and query PI directly from the VPN…

You need to start with explaining what you have, what you do now with it, what you want to accomplish…

Here is a discussion with the same “hardware” involved

what stuck you are facing ? , I have successfully installed Privacyidea + Freeradius and Global Protect to use for 1000 clients