Get qr code of existing enrolled totp token?

Hi, I wondering how to get or see again the qr code of existing totp token ?

For security reason this is not possible.
For convenience reason this is not neccessary. You can very well enroll a new token or a 2nd token.

Make sense!.
Maybe there is some documentation about how to deliver the qr code to end user.
I mean, i send the qr over email to employee so he can be able to scan it to his smartphone.
Maybe there’s some other way more secure to do this?.
I don’t want to make any auto enrollments, the employee don’t want to deals with this and claim that they don’t understand how to do this and so on.
What other methods or ways you guys use to send totp tokens to end user?.

There are a lot of different possibilities and variants. Actually these are the topics we do hours of consulting with our customers: How to design all your different processes, so they fit your requirements and the users’ needs?

Please note: If you are sending the QR Code of a TOTP token via email, this token will be completely comproized since an attacker can create a copy without an noticing! See

You can however use the Notification Handler to automate such processes.

You might also want to take a look at the two step enrollment, which is implemented by our privacyIDEA Authenticator App.