Gdpr template for the website wanted

Hi there,

just started my first installation. Can someone share a GDPR/DSGVO “template” ?
Is there a config option for adding an imprint, gdpr, company logo besides changing the template?

best regards

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Hi Reimar,

thanks for your interest in privacyIDEA.

Interesting question. No, there is no such template. Currently you will have to adapt your baseline:

In most scenarios too my knowledge privacyIDEA is either run in an enterprise environment where there does not need to be a specific information for the users or the webui is not user facing anyways.
Usually privacyIDEA is part of a bigger solution, where users would usually login to a central portal, where I would expect a data protection information for the users.

But you are right. If privacyIDEA would be the only UI that is user facing and you have external users, then you would need such a link. Is this your scenario?


Yes that’s it and currently I want to use it that way. If the site is accessible I have to add those pages.

I like also the federated authentication so that we can have multiple setups. But I’m a beginner on that so I may be change my opinions.