Freeradius problems with privacyidea

I figured this out, but just wanted to pass it along…

When trying to test the freeradius plugin with privacy idea, I was getting
an error:

echo “User-Name=user1, Password=848511” | radclient -sx auth

Sending Access-Request of id 221 to port 1812
User-Name = "user1"
Password = "848511"
rad_recv: Access-Reject packet from host port 1812, id=221,
Reply-Message = “privacyIDEA request failed: 500 Can’t connect to
localhost:443 (Connection refused)”

       Total approved auths:  0
         Total denied auths:  1
           Total lost auths:  0

To work around, I changed “/etc/privacyidea/rlm_perl.ini”


URL = https://localhost/validate/check
#REALM = someRealm
#RESCONF = someResolver
SSL_CHECK = false
#DEBUG = true


#REALM = someRealm
#RESCONF = someResolver
SSL_CHECK = false
#DEBUG = true

Then restart freeradius:

service freeradius restart

I have no idea why works when localhost does not. But it worked
when I changed it.