FreeRadius + PI config

Hi we have installed PI 3.7.3 on one server and FreeRadius plugin on next.

How can configure FreeRadius plugin to “know” about PI server?

Is it in rlm_perl.ini file?

URL = https://localhost/validate/check ?

In my case it should be

URL = https://my_PIserver_IPvalidate/check
right ?


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Yes, it would be in rlm_perl.ini



Thanks a lot for answer
It works like a charm

A few question:

  1. If we wanna use more than one realm and resolver what way it can be define in rlm_perl.ini file REALM = one, two, etc… RESCONF = one, two, etc and what order they applied?
  2. How can we customize portal for users? Is it possible?
  3. Is it possible restrict users to login via browser in portal PI for enroll tokens? Can we manage access according AD groups membership?
  4. Is the are way to change www server (from apache to nginx) w/o reinstall?

only one

Yes. it is in the online docs.

dont quite understand what you mean. i assume: yes.

keep database and config.
remove apache
install nginx