Freeradius does not return "Reply Attributes" after privacyIDEA integration

Hi all.

I had fully working freeradius server, and was able to authenticate PPTP users and configure all options. For example:

  (7) sql: User found in radreply table, merging reply items
  (7) sql:   Framed-Pool = "USERS-pool"
  (7) sql:   Mikrotik-Group = "USERS"
  (7) sql:   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Policy = Encryption-Required

after installation of privacyIDEA plugin I can authorize users using PIN+OTP but all Reply Attributes are done.

I am using default configs:


server {
    authorize {
        if (ok || updated) {
            update control {
                Auth-Type := Perl
    listen {
        type = auth
        ipaddr = *
        port = 0
    authenticate {
        Auth-Type Perl {

/etc/privacyidea/rlm_perl.ini also default one.

The plugin documentation does’t help :frowning:

Thanks for any help.

Your old config in sites-enabled has been disabled.

You need to merge the two configs. How? Does not know, that depends on your very own old configuration.

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Thank you! That works!

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