Forwarding HTTP HEADER via FreeRADIUS

We use PrivacyIDEA with Citrix Netscaler Gateway.
How to forward HTTP Request header to PrivacyIDEA via FreeRADIUS? For example, HTTP HEADER ‘Accept-Language’ from client browser?


Think about how this should be possible?

okey :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any ideas how to filter policies with different language translations of “challenge_text” if the requests come from Citrix Gateway (client browser or workspace app) via FreeRADIUS?

I think you should start with understanding how FreeRADIUS/ at master · privacyidea/FreeRADIUS · GitHub works. I guess, you can pass additional parameters to LWP::UserAgent->new after creation, including headers, but you need to get value for this header from FreeRadius somehow. And it depends on what FreeRadius puts for you into those vars use vars qw(%RAD_REQUEST %RAD_REPLY %RAD_CHECK %RAD_CONFIG %RAD_PERLCONF);.