Fortigate SSL VPN with LDAP and TOTP

how can i configurate my privacyidea to perform ldap password and totp.
the ldap resolver and radius works fine at my fortigate, but i can login only with the unsername and totp key.

thanks marcus

Hi marcusr,

look at our documentation:



it works
thank you :slight_smile:

Ok I am completely new to Radius here and I read that doc which it looks like I need to change the auth in a policy to be Passthrough for users who do not have a token but I would like to make it so they pass the user/TOKENPIN then get asked for the OTP.

I am trying to use on a FortiGate SSL AND Horizon View

Does anyone have an example policy ?

Could you please tell me what configurations have you made in PI and radius´╝č